"The discovery was made almost by playing, although it is necessary to understand that this 'little game' would not have occurred to us if the development and investigation of all initial technical concerns were not included in our theory, if the principle that without modern technique there can be no modern art ”

David Alfaro Siqueiros

BRCVR - Burning Man VR 2020

BRCvr is a fully realized virtual recreation of Black Rock City - Burning Man 2020 Edition brought to your computer screens and VR headsets. Lose your friends on the dusty esplanade, explore, dance, meet and hang out with your friends & other Burners from around the world in real time.

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Rodante Festival - Music, Ecology & Sustainability

In Rodante, you put the energy. A festival of social innovation, technological & culture, with a sound system co-energized by bicycles and different activities such as Music, Health, Sport and Culture, enjoying 12 hours of free Music, Cinema, Conferences & Bicycles.

Glam VR

Glam VR was a co-production with GameCoder Studios. It  was the first Immersive Fashion Show on the Openning Red Carpet of the Guanajuato International Film Festival in 2019.  

Fashion Designers & Artists will present a virtual proposal like never before for the world. 


Virtual 3D Modeling

Specialists in training and content development for Virtual Reality in Google and You Tube MX. We have developed and published experiences for the different Marketing Agencies, Tech Fairs, Exhibitions & Festivals.


AR Interactive Art

The Interactive Murals was named one of the most innovative projects by UNESCO - Puebla, Creative City of Design 2015. We are developer different AR Interactive Exhibitions in México, United States, Colombia & Costa Rica.

Space Dinners

Space gastronomic experience, which will take you to live a unique night accompanied by a fusion of flavors and galactic sensations that will transport you out of this world. In charge of the kitchen, the renowned Chef Eduardo Luna and the production team of Creative Dealmaker.

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